How To Lick A Woman

how to lick a womanHow to lick a woman the right way to ensure she receives the greatest pleasure!

Ok Men, you’ve heard it all before right.  When it comes to cunnilingus, don’t just dive in and start licking like you’re painting a fence, right?  Well kinda.  In fact, there are some times when the painting the fence motion works just fine.  However, you don’t want to go right to it.  Read my previous post on getting her heated up first before starting to lick your woman.  Starting oral sex on your woman before she’s ready is sure to kill the mood!

How to Lick a Woman – Slowly!

So, now that she’s ready for your cunnilingus, keep things slow.  Licking a woman shouldn’t be rushed.  You can start with long slow licks from the bottom of her vagina to the top.  Use your entire tongue and cover the most area possible.  There are nerve ending all over the vagina and by keeping a flat slow tongue, you are hitting them all.  You can use pretty good pressure when licking her, but avoid her clitoris for now.  Too much pressure there too soon could kill her arousal.

You can also suck all parts of her vagina into your mouth.  Take her lips into your mouth and suck on them firmly while swirling your tongue around them.  Do this to both the inner and outer lips if possible.  Use your tongue to slowly circle the opening to her vagina and slowly work your tongue as deep inside as possible all the while swirling and flicking it.  Once you know how to give cunnilingus and lick a woman the way she likes it, don’t be afraid to experiment.

Don’t just guess How to Lick a Woman

Ask her what she likes and surprise her with new moves every once in a while.  Keeping things fresh, new, and exciting is always a turn on.  Remember when a woman is licked, especially when done right, she is more inclined to return the favor.  Take your time, enjoy it, and get ready for your turn! Your sex life will greatly improve once you truly learn the best techniques on how to lick a woman!

Lick Woman

lick womanHi Everyone, welcome to “Lick Woman

Angie here and I wanted to start this blog by giving all of you men out there some tips for licking your woman, also known as cunnilingus, the right way!  Nearly all women love oral sex, and if you can perfect your cunnilingus technique, you’ll have her eating out of your hands so to speak.  Another benefit for you?  If you lick a woman right and bring her to mind blowing orgasms, she is sure to return the oral sex favor to please you as well!  When you lick a womans body and vagina the correct way, she’ll keep coming back for more and more!  We women love cunnilingus a lot more than you might think!  Our biggest complaint is that a lot of you men out there just don’t know how to do it right.  Not to worry though because this is something that is very easy to learn!  And, not only that, but you’ll have a great time testing and practicing your new found skills once you do learn them!  So will we!

Lick Woman Tips:

  • Tip 1: Start slow.  Don’t just dive in and start slurping away.  Warm her up first by kissing her slowly and passionately.  Pull her body into yours while you kiss her.
  • Tip 2: Touch her face, her hair and her neck.  Slowly rub your hands down her body stopping to explore each and every area.
  • Tip 3: Lay her down slowly while continuing to kiss her.  But now, move your kissing down to her cheeks, neck, and ears.  Don’t just kiss, these are great areas where you can lick her too.  Lick her neck front and back.  Lick her ears and lick down her shoulders.
  • Tip 4: By now, she should be starting to heat up and you can start kissing and licking down her neck towards her breasts.  Slowly start to undress her while doing this.
  • Tip 5: Continue undressing her completely while kissing and licking her all over her body.  Do not, however, go for the “hot” spots just yet.  Do not touch her breasts or vagina.  You want to build up the anticipation for cunnilingus.  You want to get her to the point where she is almost begging you more.
  • Tip 6: Again, without touching her vagina with your fingers or tongue, start kissing her inner thighs all the while moving closer and closer to her sweet spot.  You want to lick your woman with a firm but slow tongue all around her vagina getting as close as you can without actually touching it.  Soon, she’ll be at the point where she is literally grabbing your head and pushing it into her vagina begging for cunnilingus.  Now is the time to go to work.

More on Lick Woman

This is just the beginning.  Always start slow before licking your woman in the places she loves it most.  Be slow and deliberate and show her you really enjoy licking, loving, and giving her cunnilingus.

I’ll be providing more detailed tips and techniques on this blog “lick woman” in future posts so stay tuned.